They never had the chance to choose sides
The director: DRISS DEIBACK
Filmobiografical notes

Driss Deiback
Born in Melilla he graduated in film direction at the Film Conservatory of Paris. In 1988, he published his first novel "The Memories of Don Alberto" and settled in Los Angeles. There he wrote various film scripts and shot two short 35mm films: "Sandy" and "Aberration". In 1996 he moved to New York, where he made his first feature-length film, "The Refuge". A thriller he wrote and directed, taking place both in Melilla and New York. The film was selected by Kodak to be shown at the Berlin Film Festival, as part of a showcase of US independent cinema.

In 2002, Deiback wrote and produced the documentary "Natural de Melilla" shot in his hometown. An x-ray view of Melilla Jews, Christians and Muslims, with their varied, vehement opinions on religion, movies, politics and homosexuality. There never has been a documentary shot about this North African city nor of its inhabitants. In 2005 he made a documetary for NDR (Germany) about Melilla as the back door entry of desperate subsaharian immigrants.

"The Forgotten" (Documentary, 82 min) - 2006
"Melilla: Vorposten in Afrika" ( Documentary, 46 min) - 2005
"Natural de Melilla" (Documentary, 87 min) - 2002
"The Refuge" (Fiction/Thriller, 35mm, 94 min) - New York, 1997
"Aberration" (Fiction/Drama, 35mm, 24 min) - Los Angeles, 1994
"Sandy" (Fiction/Comedy, 35mm, 8min) - New York, 1992
"The Indifferent" (Fiction/Drama, 16mm, 5min) - Paris, 1989

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